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Our integrative airway-centered approach seeks to identify and treat the root cause of issues rather than just treating symptoms alone. This includes issues related to breastfeeding and tongue ties, cavities, and orthodontic issues including dental crowding and crossbites. We welcome collaborating with other practitioners including General Dentists, Certified Lactation Consultant, Osteopaths, Myofunctional Therapists, Craniosacral Therapists, Speech/Occupational Therapists, Pediatricians, and Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists. 

Does your child snore at night? Is your child a chronic mouth breather? 

In recent years, research in sleep quality in children has received a lot of attention. About 12-15% of children are affected by sleep-disordered breathing, with the highest occurrence in children between ages 3 and 5. About 3-12% of preschool and school-aged children habitually snore during sleep. If left untreated, the health of the child is compromised. As a result, we may see bedwetting, daytime sleepiness, failure to thrive, behavioral problems, and decreased quality of life. 

Many parents have asked us why we care as dentists since sleep-disordered breathing have nothing to do with the mouth. The truth is, the mouth is very much connected to the body and reveals a lot about our child’s growth and development, or lack there of.  Habits such as poor tongue posture, mouth breathing, extended pacifier use, and abnormal swallowing pattern lead to dental crowding, crossbites, and high and narrow upper jaws, to name a few. To learn more, visit our orthodontics page.

 As a part of our practice mission in providing comprehensive care to our growing patients, we now offer complimentary airway screenings for all our patients. Both Dr. Bracy and Dr. Cindy understand the importance of a good airway in a growing child and they would be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have!

airway-centered breathing, dental crowding

“The nose is for breathing, the mouth is for eating” – proverb

Our Services

Pediatric Dentistry

Airway Screening

Exam, Cleaning, Fluoride 

Cavity Treatment using White, BPA-/Metal-Free Fillings

Silver Diamine Fluoride


Emergency Dental Care

Sedation Dentistry- laughing gas, in-office anesthesia

Special Care Dentistry

Second Opinions and Consultations

Digital Radiographs 

SOLEA Laser Technology to Treat Cavities with no injections

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Tongue Lip-Ties, Breastfeeding, & Frenectomies


Laser Release of Tongue and/or Lip Ties

Follow-up Visits

Counseling and Education

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Myofunctional Orthodontics

Airway Screening

Complementary Consultation

Airway-Driven Early Orthodontic Intervention (Phase 1)

Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment (Phase 2): braces, hidden braces, clear aligners

Digital Radiography

Digital Scanning and Impressions

3D Printing Technology 

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