Airway-Centered Orthodontics

Breathing through the mouth (and not the nose) causes many issues including dental crowding, high arched and narrow palate, crooked teeth, and increased anterior facial height. This is because tongue placement is extremely important in guiding the growth of the jaws and the face. If dental issues are left untreated and we wait too long,  extractions of adult teeth and even surgical interventions are often needed. Poor body posture usually accompanies mouth breathing as well. Correcting tongue position while resting, mouth breathing habits, and poor body posture is critical in achieving proper growth of the upper and lower jaws, face, and overall health of a developing child

What is correct resting tongue posture?

  1. Lips together
  2. Tongue on the roof of the mouth
  3. Teeth lightly touching
  4. Nasal breathing. 

As Dr. Cindy says, “Nose is King!” If your child can successfully achieve these 4 goals, they are heading in the right direction.

As always, we are happy to discuss exam findings and treatment options with our parents.

  • Complimentary Consultations
  • Phase I (baby and mixed baby-adult teeth phase): Early Interceptive and Dental Facial Growth Guidance
  • Phase II: (permanent teeth phase)
    • Metal Braces
    • Clear Aligners
    • Hidden Braces (behind the teeth)
  • Digital Impressions and Scanning
  • Digital Radiography- no more goo!
  • In-house 3D printing

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Did you know that Dr. Cindy is a dual-trained specialist? This makes her the only dual-certified pediatric dentist and orthodontist in Rockland County, NY!

What makes our multi- specialty practice so unique? All of our LPD patients benefit from the combined knowledge and training of the growth and development team.

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